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when stuff happens it happens fast! [Dec. 28th, 2006|08:56 pm]
So having not heard from teesside park about my transfer, I assumed it was unsucessful. figured I might as well give them a call to moan since I was supposed to be able to have my pick and all that, and turns out I have got the job, they thought they'd already told me 8-)

so yeah, I start there on january 7th which sucks! its way too soon lol tomorrow will be my last 'day' at work because next week i'm doing the night-moves so wont see manby people from the daytime :( going for a meal with most of them in the middle of january if I can get a suit together and wont be working and all that. now just need to get rid of my room, so if anyone wants one in york, my house is pretty awesome, and will be free from january 5th! :D