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so today was fun. Hung out with euan, which was cool as I havent… - Pete [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 3rd, 2005|08:04 pm]
so today was fun. Hung out with euan, which was cool as I havent really done that in a while. Went shopping a lot &spent waaay too much money in a pound shop :\

on a brighter note, I found some ace games in charity shops for the megadrive - micro-machines &streetfighter 2 :) could only afford micro-machines after my little spending-spree in the pouns hop, like, but i'll grab street-fighter another day, doubt it's going anywhere fast heh.

Plan for tomorrow...

*get up and stuff and be at uni for 11 for Lisa's psychology experiment
*go into town &grab some lunch
*get train at half one
*go get a haircut in boro, as york haircut's are fucking pricey!
*go home, sort mums porn-ridden computer out &get ready
*go to mike's &beat him at halo (it will be done...) &get drunk before I...
*go to the arena &boogie. lots.

oh, p.s. if anyone has a cat they want rid of, my mum would be quite interested... so give us a shout please :)



From: ikarren15
2005-03-03 08:55 pm (UTC)
My brother might be interested when he gets his own place but it might be a few months............

........ps only mark can beat me at halo :P
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